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"You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody.”

– Dr. Alexander Elder, Trading for a Living

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GuruHaven's Mission

Our mission is to create the first fully transparent trading community, enabling new traders to easily find Gurus based on chosen strategies and securities traded as well as enable true Gurus to effectively establish and maintain alert services.
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While the trading world has shifted in recent years, the quote above remains true. More and more people aspire to trade successfully, but very few succeed on their own. Upon failure, many turn towards gurus for guidance and leadership. Gurus have existed since the inception of public markets; however, finding a genuine guru whose style matches your own isn’t easy.

There are few options between the depths of Twitter and chaos on StockTwits for new traders who are looking for gurus for trade assistance, developing trade strategies and ultimately building their portfolio value while enjoying a community of fellow traders

Ultimately, many are swindled by “pump and dump” advisors who take positions in penny stocks only to alert and ride the wave of their OWN subscribers. Only the fastest subs survive and thrive in this environment while most are taken advantage of

Other issues faced include:
Missed or bad trade alerts due to faulty alert software constructed by in-house developers
Lack of performance tracking to hold gurus accountable for trade alerts presented
Little to no explanation of trading strategy outside of the alert system

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