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About SimpleTrends

  • Swing Trader with longer time horizons, typically monthly to quarterly
  • Averaging into stocks and ETFs (typically non-levered)
  • Substantial market research focusing on sentiment, positioning, technicals and intermarket analysis
  • Focus areas: Currencies, Bonds, Rates, Commodities, and Equities
  • Twitter: @Simple_Trends



About KobesyTrades

  • Scalping and short-term swing trading, typically daily to weekly
  • Primarily trading intraday in and out of positions in addition to maintaining core position for a larger move
  • Trading is part intellect, part art, and part emotion. Most traders who fail aren’t succeeding on the emotional side. Money management coaching provided through unlimited chat and direct messaging
  • Focus areas: Leveraged ETFs, Stocks, Options, and Crypto
  • Twitter: @KobesyTrades
  • StockTwits: @KobesyTrades

Crush The Market


About Crush The Market (CTM)

  • Private trader and investor based in Australia
  • The style utilized by CTM for short-term trading would be best categorized as a momentum trading with positions typically held between a few days to a few weeks
  • CTM is the publisher of Crushthemarket.com as well as previously providing macro article contributions to Valuewalk.com, Zerohedge.com, and Investing.com
  • Focus areas:
    • Short Term Trades - ASX Stocks, Indices & Commodities.
    • Long Term Trades - ASX stocks only.
    ASX Stocks (CFD’s), Indices and Commodities
  • Twitter: @CrushTheMarket

Trade With Edge

Trade With Edge

About Trade With Edge

  • Private trader based out of the UK with a swing and scalp trading style
  • Possess degrees in Economics and Financial Economics from Kingston University as well as 9 years experience in trading
  • His objective is to provide members the best support, technical and fundamental analysis to find out the best opportunities on Forex, Commodities and Indices markets
  • Focus areas: Correlations, Patterns, Candlesticks, Trend-lines, RSI and volume
  • Twitter: @TradeWithEdge

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